First blog post- Ayyy!


My name is Safiyyah …um, I started this blog as a way to express my opinions, experiences and talk about my life. I love writing and discussing topics ranging from sex and health to relationships, activism, the arts and politics. I avoided sticking to a niche category because I wanted this blog to serve as a complex representation of Black people, queer identity and political affiliation. Fuck stereotypes tbh. No one exist as just a Democrat or a gay person or whatever other identity they can take on. We are all full blown humans with unique interest, talents and energies.

I share a little in the about page but I’m a pansexual Afro-Caribbean woman living in New York City so my blog will cover topics from my perspective.

I hope you enjoy my content, I hope to improve- It’s gonna be great! Check out my other social medias and comment or w.e. ILY.


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