A Familiar, A Friend

I have this personable pup named Passion

She manifested directly from the universe

An angel crashed after a year in hell

Black and sleek with accentuating curls

White heart and gloves with brown highlights

Sometimes I think she has a million names

A million attributes to fit her million faces

She gets low and sneaky

Dashes back and forth

Stares deep into your soul just to listen

Passion’s feminism is self-taught

She’s marched, resisted and held hearts

Not one for obedience

She strolls as she pleases

Protecting herself as much as her human

A licker of tears, an alarm and boundary security

Whenever I get home

There she is waiting not so patiently

Vulnerable fierce LBD

She inspires my advocacy

Having a companion is a weighty blessing and responsibility

Anxiety and depression I pet away

Hold you down until your seizures fade

A reminder to clean up regularly

Practice patience with your fur baby

Treat them with kindness respectfully

Safiyyah and Mx Passion photographed at their Barataria home. Photograph by Mark Lyndersay.

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