Born on the 24th of September 1993 to two Afro-Trinidadians, Safiyyah was named after the prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) second wife of the same name. Her older sister, named after the first wife, Khadijah. Raised in a middle class home where her family had access to personal transportation, stable housing, and many of lifes comforts like strong community and technological devices, she never questioned how others had to survive.

As a growing young adult she excelled in academics and was involved heavily in her Muslim community events and networks. As one of the oldest of an ever increasing family she nurtured many of her younger siblings and extended family but was known to get up to trouble and held a rebellious nature.

After her parents divorced, her seemingly perfect life erupted. Violence and the threat of violence and destruction was common place and the world around began to look differently even though nothing physical had changed. Soon after she migrated to the United States with her mother and siblings, still leaving half of the family she knew behind.

Being educated in the Unites States had its highs and lows. She had opportunities to develop her academic, and social self beyond her wildest dreams while slowly becoming aware of the restrictions that kept most of her peers in poverty and miseducated. She had her own miseducation to undo and her life journey would ensure she found Truth.

While completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and minor in Black Studies at the City College of New York she got involved in student government, political actions and African diasporic clubs. Her family moved again but she stayed in NYC. It was during this time of fundamental growth that she experienced the harshest of systemic poverty and witnessed the systems oppression first hand. It was a hard time, she was dependent on government assistance and affording housing was so out of reach she moved 4 times within a year span. This education of life culminated in her joining the leadership of People Power Movement- Movimento Popular Poder and becoming invested in bringing about popular control and liberation for all.

Safiyyah has been a part of nearly every progressive movement in NYC including Poor People’s Campaign, Women’s March NYC, Black Lives Matter Million March, CUNY Alliance, Fight for $15, and even toyed with the idea of The New Communism since coming into her political consciousness. Her joined passion and recognition of the interconnectedness of racism, class oppression, feminist thought, environmental consciousness and the benefits of spirituality has lead her to return home to Trinidad & Tobago to recreate the world she envisions.

This blog seeks to represent experiences and identities that are all my own. My beliefs, personal challenges and development as well as big picture aspirations I aim towards are shared here.

Work in progress and proud!